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Cares for up to 12 babies with a staff ratio of 1:3. Individual daily books are kept for each baby. Assessments of each baby's development are made and given to parents 3 times a year provided by the child’s key person. A varied range of toys and equipment are provided to stimulate and aid development.

New starters

As soon as a child is registered with us we begin to build the relationship with the family through a variety of activities. 8 weeks prior to a child’s start date the Nursery Manager will contact the parents to arrange some initial visits to the nursery. Initial visits to the nursery are a time when the parent and child are introduced to the staff team and children in their room. This visit is also where the parent and child are introduced to their key person. It is an opportunity to discuss and agree the flexible settling in schedule that will best meet the needs of the child, the parent and the nursery team. Settling-in sessions need to start in goodtime to ensure some flexibility should the child need additional sessions. These will usually be arranged to commence a minimum of 4 weeks before the child is due to start nursery but will take into account the needs of the child, for example where the parent anticipates that the child may experience difficulty in settling then shorter and more frequent visits may be arranged over a longer period, whereas, a really confident child who is used to being left may settle more quickly. We ask parents of babies joining our nursery to write a short account of your child's day at home. This is to enable us to initially include these aspects into their Nursery day. The children sleep in cots in the baby room. A clean sheet is provided for each child for each sleep period. Sleep time for babies is on an 'as and when' basis, with a main sleep / rest period after lunch for babies who need it.


Before their move to toddlers, we take baby for visits accompanied by their carer, for play sessions over several weeks prior to the move. You will probably have met your child's next carer but you will be informed who it will be and invited to discuss your child with them.


Cares for up to 12 children aged between 2 and 3 years. In toddlers we begin to introduce the six areas of learning. Some of the activities include sand and water play, glueing, colouring and painting, cooking and sensory play. We start to learn shapes and colours as well as getting used to a more structured time at nursery. Potty training could also start now but this is always discussed with parents first. Weather permitting we take the toddlers for walks and also allow them time for outdoor play on the enclosed grass area to the front of the nursery. Any toddlers, who still need a sleep after lunch, can do so in the separate quiet area. As in the baby room a clean sheet is provided for every sleep period.


Before they move to pre-school we take the children for visits for a few weeks to help with the changes. You will probably already have met your child’s next carer but you will be informed who it will be and invited to discuss your child with them.


offers a full and varied programme of activities and learning experiences. We work alongside the EYFS which is followed throughout the nursery. We have a well-equipped art room where children can enjoy messy-play and creative play as well as having the opportunity to explore simple science and to develop their sensory skills.

Our qualified staff interact with the children during all their experiences and activities in order to encourage their full learning potential. Experience shows that positive staff interaction helps to establish a relaxed and happy environment.


Little Jack Horner’s Pre – School also offers a Holiday Club for school children aged up to 12 years during school holidays. We have full, fun packed itineraries, which include arts & crafts, cookery, games and outings suitable for all ages. Holiday Club is open from 9.00am – 5.00pm. However we can accommodate children in the nursery from 7.30am – 9.00am & 5.00pm – 6.00pm.


Little Jack Horner’s offers a before and after school service for children attending Etwall Primary School, Egginton Primary School and Hilton Primary school.

Children can be dropped off at the nursery from 7.30am and are escorted to school by qualified staff. The children are picked up from school and taken to nursery to await collection by parents. Children can be picked up from nursery up to 6.00pm.


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